Golfing Equipment: What to bring, What to Leave

Whether its a weekend away or an entire family vacation, golfing can provide the perfect outlet for your holiday. Whilst many golfing clubs in Hawaii offer clubs and other accessories for hire, many do not. Planning ahead is therefore essential to save yourself time, hassle and money.

We have compiled a list of the most essential items for your next golfing vacation so that you can save yourself the hassle. Many of these items will be available for rent as most places, and we will list this below.

The most important thing to think about is space. You will always be limited by what you can bring with you on a holiday. The second most important point is the purpose of your trip, and this should help you decide what you should bring, and what you should leave.

Golf Balls

Perhaps the most essential item of all, golf would involve little more than fist pumping the air without golf balls. There are several reasons to use your own golf balls. Using your own balls can leave your own print on the ground, making it easier to locate your ball once you have hit it.

The balls weight will also differ based on the quality of the ball, so for best chances of success you may want to use one familiar to you. Golf balls are easy to carry in your luggage so it’s not too hard to take.

If you do forget them, there is no doubt that clubs will have them, but be prepared to pay more for higher quality balls.

Verdict: Bring with you 


In the same league as the golf ball are the clubs. Clubs are trickier to take on vacation as they are cumbersome, and airlines can charge you more to check them in as luggage. However, for some golfers nothing will come close to using their own clubs, so think about whether this is worth it.

Most amateur golfers come to Hawaii without their own golf clubs and choose to hire them from the Golf Club that they’re playing at. This option will always be there. The best answer to this is the purpose of your trip, if its a golfing holiday then by all means, a family vacation with a game or two of golf? best to Leave them at home.

Verdict: Leave at home 


For the best chance of success, its best to bring a rangefinder with you. Hawaiian golf courses can be notoriously difficult, as we have such a hilly landscape. Rangefinders are not something to buy a limb, so do your research and pick one that is right for you. If you need help picking the best golf rangefinder you can read more here.

Generally, a laser rangefinder will be the most appropriate, as GPS rangefinders can hard with the Hawaiian landscape.

Verdict: Bring with you 


Hawaii is hot year round so appropriate golfing clothes are essential. Not only is the heat of significance but many clubs impose a strict dress code of collared tops and appropriate pants/shorts, whilst others may be more lenient. Clothes also include gloves, you need a good pair with a good fit.

It’s better to be prepared than sorry when it comes to clothes, so this is something that you should definitely bring with you.

Verdict: Bring with you 


The right shoes for golfing is not only essential in the way of a dress code, but it helps you to play. Shoes are another bulky item that can take up excess space that sometimes you can’t afford to lose on holiday, but as you may be in flip flops most of the time, you may actually have the room! This is another thing we recommend bringing with you, however, hiring shoes aren’t impossible, just not desirable.

Verdict: Bring with you 

GPS Watch

A GPS watch can be handy as its worn on the wrist and can be easily used at any time on the field. However, its just not appropriate for golfing in Hawaii. They can be more hassle than its worth.

Verdict: Leave it at home

Why Hawaii is a great destination for families

Sun, beaches, sports, shopping, great food and cheap! The list goes on. It is fair to say that Hawaii is a fantastic location for families and should definitely be on your list for your next family vacation. Although Hawaii is often thought of an island, in actuality it is a collection of islands each offering a different experience for your family. Tripadvisor has a great article listing the different islands that make up Hawaii and the offerings of each.

Many people family to Hawaii with an idea of one thing – to relax. This is what Hawaii offers vacationers every year, but there is so much more to experience in Hawaii (especially on the Big Island), whatever your needs are or however old your kids are.

With so much to offer, Hawaii has something for everyone. But the question remains, what does Hawaii have to offer YOUR family. Read below to find out what Hawaii offers to suit whatever type of vacation your want.


Hawaii offers a great range of museums that are great for kids as they are so interactive. A great point of reference is the pearl harbour memorial, where you can reflect on hardships of the past and give your thanks. The Discovery Center is also a fantastic place for kids to use their 5 senses to gain an understanding of there.

Hawaii also offers educational experiences as part of some walking tours, so to learn a bit more about America’s fiftieth state, and a bit more about our country as a whole, this offers a great opportunity.


A more well known aspect of Hawaii’s offerings is a great range of adventure offerings, including Swimming with Sharks! If thats not quite what you’re after, the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park offers a range of activities including volley ball and other sports for kids, with a spa and retreat for parents. This is also a great place to eat and revive as well.

Hawaii also offers a range of adventure based water sports including parasailing and jet skiing when the weather is right. Just make sure you keep a whole day free because once you get on, you may never want to get off!

Hawaii also offers a great range of golf courses dotted all over, which can be the perfect way for adults to spend a rare day alone whilst their kids enjoy a day in the kids club.


The key to a relaxing family holiday in Hawaii is picking the right accomodation. Of course, this also means that you need to pick a location that provides you with what you need close by so that you don’t have to leave too often (your vacation should be spent relaxing after all!). Luckily, our BnB is located close to all you need for a relaxing family vacation.

We have an onsite restaurant, a beach within walking distance and offer meals onsite activities including morning exercise, yoga and free use of a nearby gym and pool for guests. Our aim is that once your get to Cedar House in Hawaii, you wont need to leave until the end of your vacation.


If you need an excuse for pure indulgence, Hawaii can deliver. Although it can be hard to truly indulge when you are with a family, Hawaii’s lower prices and family friendly offerings allow for a holiday of complete indulgence without breaking the bank.

Hawaii has some fantastic shopping malls where you can spend your hard earned money, with the opportunity to save big on some great brands. Waikele Premium Outlets is one such mall that offers exceptional products at discount prices, so that you can pick up something for the whole family. Ala Moana Shopping Centre is another fantastic mall that has a japanese department store with a replica Japan, which the kids are sure to love.

One mustn’t forget food when on a vacation. For many of us, it’s the real reason why we travel. Hawaii offers everything from top end boutique restaurants to beachside eateries. For the family, a visit to Uncle Claus House of Pure Aloha is a must. This dessert restaurant will impress the kids (and you) with its delicious range of desserts and great service.

Nature Escape

If your idea of the perfect family vacation is an escape from the daily grind of city life, then you’re not alone. Hawaii some sensation destinations for you to get off the beaten track and truly enjoy its fantastic landscape. Oahu has many of the best nature walks, including the Koko Crater Arch, which is only up to a 1 hour hike, so is perfect for families with younger kids who just can’t go as far as old ones. A trip to Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park should also be included. This is a rare opportunity to see one of the often forgetten parts of mother nature, and it truly is an eye opener for the whole family.


As you can see, no matter what type of vacation you want, Hawaii will deliver. Plan your holiday now by booking with us here.

Top 5 Beaches in Hawaii


Hawaii’s collection of islands have some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. Many of the most popular beaches offer a range of sports and activities so that you can maximize the use of the wonderful rolling pacific. However, this also means that there are a lot of lesser known beaches that do not attract nearly as many tourists as the better known ones, and some days you may even have an entire beach to yourself!

  1. Waikiki Beach, Oahu
    A list of the best beaches in Hawaii would be incomplete without Waikiki Beach. As one of the best known beaches of Hawaii, you will find white sand, beautifully clear blue water on the back drop of a thriving city, with all shops, bars and restaurants nearby. You can also take surfing lessons to perfect your skill or rent a jet ski to take advantage of the water. This is a beach you could spend a whole day at.
  2. Kauna Beach, The Big Island
    Kauna Beach differs itself from other beaches of Hawaii with a size limit! The maximum amount of people allowed on Kauna Beach at any given time is 25 (so best to get in early). The reason? Conservation. But it also gives the beach a uniquely tight knit feeling, and offers an escape from the crowds and a great opportunity to relax.
  3. Punalu’u Beach, The Big Island
    Black sand, turtles and snorkeling? An odd combination, but it definitely works. Punalu’u Beach is unlike any other in the world, and offers a rare chance to spot the endangered green sea turtles of Hawaii. This beach is a unique one to say the least. Wikipedia has some great information on why this beach is so unique.
  4. Lahaina Beach, Maui
    Tradition is here to stay at Lahaina Beach, where you will find Hula Dancers and native cuisine. This beach is the perfect spot to forget the city and absorb yourself into the local culture, and also makes for a perfect romantic getaway.
  5. Honaunau Beach, The Big Island
    Can you see a theme? We believe the best beaches of Hawaii are located on The Big Island. Honaunau differs in that its main offering is under the water! This is a fantastic spot to snorkel and explore one of the Hawaii’s best underwater reefs, a truly eye opening experience.

The Best Golf Courses in Hawaii

If you are a golf fanatic and love to enjoy sunny days on sandy white beaches then Hawaii is the perfect spot to spend your vacation.

Hawaii is situated about 2,500 miles from the coast of Los Angeles in the Pacific Ocean. Close to the equator, Hawaii’s climate is warm and sunny all year through but the months April, May, September and October are advised for the best experience.

One thing you just can’t afford to miss are the many fantastic golf courses. The unique landscape also means that Hawaii can offer a wide range of golfing courses, from easy to challenging.There are many dotted all over the small island of Hawaii, offering you the perfect golfing getaway. Make sure you also check out our list of what to bring on your next golfing vacation.

Kahili Golf Course

Kahili Golf Course is located in the West Maui Mountains. Like most areas of Hawaii, this golf course is incredibly scenic offering views swept over the Pacific Ocean, and is set out on a hilly landscape. Set out over 6,500 yards, the course offers space for the whole family to play, stretch their legs and truly spend a relaxing day soaking up the Hawaiian sun.

Hawaii Country Club

If you are after classic, then Hawaii Country Club may be exactly what you’re looking for. Opened in 1958, the Hawaii Country Club is still delivering the same brilliant course and service that the regulars have become accustom to. If scenic is what you’re after, then Hawaii Country Club will deliver. The views from this course can be sensational, but don’t be fooled. This course make look beautiful, but at times such a steep incline can make for a difficult shot. Best of luck!

Waikola Village Golf Club

Located between two of Hawaii’s many volcanoes, Waikola Village Golf Club is truly an inspired design that falls into the landscape naturally. The golf course features 18 holes and is open year round, with rentals available for everything including carts and clubs. Entry fee to this course are very reasonable, and it is one course that is definitely worth a visit.

Ewa Beach Golf Club

Traditional, centrally located and oddly reminiscent. The Ewa Beach Golf Club is located in a luscious environment close to the beach. The course is set over 18 holes and features double green on several holes. Tradition surrounds this golf course as it has been designed similar to an old Scottish Golf Course. The course asks players to adhere to a strict dress code and pay pricey entry fees, but it’s worth it for a great, traditional game.