Best Mowers, Electric Chainsaws and Everything you Need for Gardening Hawaii Style

Creating a garden that is perfect for recreation and relaxation at our BnB takes care and attention. We need equipment to maintain the appearance of our space, and we need to know how to use them.

If, after visiting, you are dreaming of a tropical Hawaii style garden, this is going to take up even more of your time, but it is a hobby you should enjoy at the same time! How else do you think we maintain some of the best golf courses in the world?

If you have no idea where to start, here are the ten pieces of equipment you need to create that Hawaii-style garden space, enough to make everyone drip with envy and to bring part of your vacation home with you!

(If you are already in Hawaii, there’s some useful info here)


Electric Chainsaw – You are going to need to carry out wood chopping maintenance of any trees or large bushes, and perhaps also need to chop up wood for other reasons. We are proud of our nature and work hard to protect it, so an electric chainsaw is the best option. An electric chainsaw is an ideal piece of equipment to have, and one which serves many different purposes. Shop around for the best one for you. Do your research and read the best electric chainsaw reviews and take into account how heavy you need it to be, and your overall budget. Remember to also invest in protective clothing and equipment.

Electric mower – The state of your grass is an indicator of how healthy your garden is. In order to keep it maintained and healthy, you need to invest in a good quality electric mower, to save you time and of course, to give you the best results.

Shoves and spades – Digging and turning over soil requires a plethora of different sizes and shapes of shovel and spade, so shop around again, purchasing the correct size depending on the size of your garden space. Planting new flowers, bushes, and trees is also a task that requires these pieces of equipment.

Hand pruners/secateurs – That new tropical garden is going to need keeping in check, and we know that bushes and plants grow quickly, especially in a tropical downpour! A pair of small hand pruners or secateurs will help you quickly clip any stray bits and pieces.

Wheelbarrow – For transporting heavy soil or equipment around your garden, you should save your back and arms and invest in a wheelbarrow. You can go for small or large, it depends on the size of your garden and what you need to transport around.

Small hand fork – In order to chop up small clumps of soil or work in any additional extras, you need a small hand fork. This is particularly ideal for small flower bed areas.

Heavy duty fork – For larger areas of soil, e.g. before you plant anything, then a large fork is going to help you turn over the soil, mix in anything that needs mixing and basically help maintain the integrity of the soil itself, whilst saving you time and effort.

Watering can – Small flower beds and plants need water to live and a small watering can will help you target their thirsty needs.

Watering hose – Larger areas of garden, e.g. your lawn, will need watering too, especially during the summer months when rain may be at a premium. Install your hose by keeping it to one side of your garden, so it doesn’t trail around and look unpleasant, or cause a hazard.

Gloves – Finally, to save your hands and perhaps that new manicure, a pair of thick gardening gloves is a must have piece of equipment in your kit.

These pieces of equipment will help you create the ideal Hawaiian style garden, a tropical slice of paradise to make everyone cry with envy!