The Best Airlines To Fly To Hawaii

Choosing the right airline can make your vacation that bit more enjoyable. Many of the most popular airlines now fly to Hawaii. Your choice of airline will likely depend on your location. A direct flight is what most people want and this will help you decide which airline is best for you.

Some airlines only fly from certain countries and so not all airlines are going to be an option. But what are the best airlines that fly to Hawaii? Some people just want to compare which airlines fly here to get an idea of what their airline offers in regards to the competition.

Check the major airlines below that fly directly to Hawaii.


Hawaiian Airlines

This is the flagship airline of Hawaii, it is also the 8th largest US airline. Mainly flying into Honolulu Airport, the airline services most of the major airports from around the world flying directly to Hawaii from Australia, Asia and the US.

The fleet is definitely aging now, but it remains one of the safest airlines in the world having never lost an aircraft in a crash.


One of the older airlines in the US, United flies direct to Hawaii’s major airports from various cities in the US the main being San Francisco and Los Angeles. This full service airline will feed you and keep your comfortable, but many of the aircraft used on these journeys are older, although you can get a newer aircraft.


Delta airlines is one of the most popular US airlines to fly to Hawaii. Comfortable and offering full service, Delta flights can be a little more expensive but are worth it for the comfort. With its headquarters in Atlanta, Delta is the best airline for those living in the east of the country looking for a comfortable way to fly to Hawaii.


For travelers coming from Australia, Jetstar is a low cost budget airline that flies direct to Hawaii from Melbourne and Sydney. Jetstar has recently taken ownership of the brand new 787 aircraft which is flies to Hawaii. This is a more comfortable aircraft with transient lighting to help you adapt to time zone changes. However, the seats are slightly tighter.

Finding a business class flight can be affordable and increase your comfort on this route substantially.

Air Canada

The best airline to fly from Canada to Hawaii is Air Canada. They offer great service on their airbus A330. They are a full service airline and also fly the 787. Air Canada are constantly working on updating their fleet to 21st century standard. There is a high likelihood that you will fly on a refitted aircraft, with a new entertainment system and more comfortable seat.

Asiana Airlines

Flying from Asia to Hawaii can be tough. It is a very long flight and finding a comfortable airline for this journey can be hard. Asiana Airlines is a comfortable option. A major airline of South Korea, is known for a major accident in San Fransisco. Luckily, the airline is very safe and comfortable.