Unwinding In Hawaii: Where To Go, What To Do

Hawaii has a lot of spots that are super popular with both locals and holidaymakers, but if you want a relaxing and restful vacation where you can simply unwind, perhaps this would NOT be your scene – and that’s fine! Hawaii also has many areas that offers that perfect mix of R&R – rest and rejuvenation!

Sea Bell Resort

If your idea of the perfect vacation in Hawaii is relaxing by the sea, sipping your cocktail while listening to gentle music then you need to visit Sea Bell Resort.

Despite the name, this isn’t a resort at all. There is no accommodation and you can’t stay the night.

It’s a place where you pay a small fee to access the numerous facilities available. There are BBQ’s, a games room with the best foosball table and even a huge tire swing that can accommodate 5 people at a time! Perfect for the entire family.

There’s also a spa and sauna with very reasonable prices, as well as 3 large swimming areas.

We spoke to the manager at Sea Bell Resort who said they did a lot of research into what people want on a vacation, and matched it. Every detail was taken into consideration, from the type of drink people like to drink to the very best foosball table they could find. Research was essential – they consulted this guide here.

Beach Near Cedar House Hawaii

The reason our little Cedar House homestay is so popular with vacationers is not only due to the great hospitality we offer. We offer the traditional Hawaiian experience in cedar style homes, positioned right on the doorstep of a private beach!

Now of course the beach does not belong to Cedar House Hawaii, but as we are located in a remote setting, you almost always are guaranteed exclusive use of it.

The Sea

If land isn’t your thing, why not venture out to sea? At Cedar House Hawaii we offer regular boat trips out to sea. Spend the afternoon (or entire day) being gently swayed by the waves.

The Village

At times, Hawaii can see more American than… America! Being positioned far from the tourist district and outside of a small local village, you’ll be sure you never bump into anyone you know. Truly relax and unwind away from the rest of the world.